Cut Energy Costs & Stay Ahead of the Summer Heat

Summer is here next month. The season brings holidays and BBQs as well as a predictable increase to your energy bills. Thankfully, there are a few practical ways to keep energy costs under control even as the temperature climbs.

Rid yourself of a sky-high energy bill.

Clean or Replace the Filters in Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioning system can wreak the most havoc on your home’s energy bill. Be sure that your air conditioner is running optimally to prevent unnecessary costs and trouble. A clogged filter will not only impact the quality of the air in your home but also contributes to the efficiency of your cooling system.

In anticipation of the summer heat, get in touch with a technician to clean the filter or replace your filter. For a long-term solution, you can also benefit from learning how to clean or replace filters on your own.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat lets you set your home temperature for different times of the day. You can set a temperature for when you’ll be home and a different one for when you’re at work or school to save energy.

Insulate Your Home

Shutting the blinds and closing the curtains is a way to control heat, although it may be less than ideal when you’re trying to enjoy some summer sun. Another option is installing insulating films to your windows so you can let the sunshine in while conserving energy. The cooler your home is, the less work your air conditioner has to do.

Get Your Home Appliances Inspected

Have your home appliances tested to ensure they are functioning efficiently? This tactic can go a long way to reduce your bill. Appliances using excess water or energy to do the job can cost you quite a bit of money. You can hire a technician to inspect these appliances and have them service if needed.

Unplug Devices When Not in Use

Unused devices are silent vampires that can suck the life out of your home’s electricity. Appliances and other devices may seem like they’re not in use, but objects plugged in on standby mode can still be using energy.

You may not see a big impact from each individual device that’s plugged in. However, the impact collectively can be more significant when all of these items are showing up on your bill. Give it a trial run! Unplug items around the house for a month and see if it saves money.

Final Word

It’s common to think the winter months are the ones where we need to worry about utility bills, but the summer comes along with its own challenges. Putting a few of these tips to use can help save you some money.

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