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Built on a foundation of commitment, character, and innovation, Atlantic Coast Mortgage (ACM) was founded in 2011 with a mission to reimagine and reshape the mortgage industry. With a one team one mission mindset, we are people-focused as we build connections with our customers because we believe that a closed loan is not the end of our relationship – it’s just the beginning.


Led by a seasoned group of mortgage professionals, ACM is known for offering a better solution for homebuyers through our simple, easy, and stress-free process. We do this by offering a proprietary blend of technologies, systems, and processes. We not only help our clients close on time; we also provide them with free tools and information to continue guiding and helping them make smart decisions around how to manage and more importantly how to leverage their home investment to their benefit.


Unlike many other mortgage companies, we operate as a fully independent company, allowing us to maintain complete control over the entire borrower experience from beginning to end. This level of control allows us to empower our borrowers with the knowledge and guidance they need to feel confident in every decision throughout their homebuying journey.


At ACM, our goal is to help our clients make their next move – be their best move!

Meet Our Leadership Team

Timur Tunador Profile Photo
Timur Tunador

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Coy Profile Photo
Jon Coy


Patrick Collins Profile Photo
Patrick Collins

Chief Strategy Officer

Shane Intihar Profile Photo
Shane Intihar

Chief Operating Officer

Mat Brumble Profile Photo
Mat Brumble

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Kaffenberger Profile Photo
Paul Kaffenberger

Chief Information Officer

Scott Ray Profile Photo
Scott Ray

Chief Technology Officer

Corey Shelton Profile Photo
Corey Shelton

Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry Thomas Profile Photo
Kerry Thomas

EVP, Director of Operations

Caryn Grafton Profile Photo
Caryn Grafton

EVP, National Retail Sales Manager

Jason Gingell Profile Photo
Jason Gingell

SVP, Capital Markets

James Hofman Profile Photo
James Hofman

General Counsel

Elizabeth Detar Profile Photo
Elizabeth Detar

VP, Director of Human Resources

Donna Slevin Profile Photo
Donna Slevin

VP, Compliance Manager

Jacinta Mason Profile Photo
Jacinta Mason

VP, Closing Manager

Mayra Foster Profile Photo
Mayra Foster

VP, Processing Manager

Deborah Bloom Profile Photo
Deborah Bloom

VP, Underwriting

Victor Calder Profile Photo
Victor Calder


Megan DeJong Profile Photo
Megan DeJong

Post Closing Manager

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