Why ACM :

Other lenders typically provide a generic maximum purchasing budget based solely on a credit report pull, which is not reviewed by their underwriter and can lead to issues later in the buying process.

So, what makes ACM Approval Plus different? With ACM Approval Plus, your information, such as asset statements, income documentation, and credit report, are verified and reviewed by an experienced ACM underwriter. This approach gives you a competitive advantage over other buyers because it provides you and the seller with all the confidence you need to make a strong offer backed by a verified approval.

ACM Delivers:

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Immediate and accurate insights into your loan term options, credit score, and how much you can afford.

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Gain stronger buying power through our Approval Plus program that delivers a full upfront underwrite on your credit, income, and assets.

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Greater assurance and peace of mind for the seller knowing that your offer is the next best thing to an all-cash offer.

With ACM Approval Plus, our mission is to give you the confidence, support, and tools you need to reach your dream home and go from "what's next?" to "welcome home!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean to be pre-qualified?

A simple first step in the mortgage process is getting pre-qualified. ACM can pre-qualify you over the phone or online. We’ll go over your information and discuss your goals. Once pre-qualified, you'll have the loan amount for what you might expect to be approved for a loan.

What does it mean to be pre-approved?

Getting Pre-approved is more involved and carries more weight than a general pre-qualification. Our team will calculate the specific mortgage amount for which you are approved. You’ll also have a better idea of the interest rate you will be charged on the loan. With pre-approval, you'll also receive a conditional commitment in writing for an exact loan amount, allowing you to look for a home at or below the loan amount you've been pre-approved for. This puts you at an advantage when dealing with a potential seller as it indicates that you are closer to obtaining the financing needed to purchase the home.

How much can I afford?

What you can afford to borrow depends on four main factors:

  • Your debt-to-income ratio (your total monthly payments including the new housing payment as a percentage of your gross monthly income)
  • The cash you have available for a down payment and closing costs
  • Your credit history and credit score
  • The sales price and appraised value of the home you are buying

Use our handy Mortgage Calculator to find out what you may be able to afford! View Mortgage Calculator

Do I need to find a home before applying for a mortgage?

No and this is great news because it's actually better to get started on the mortgage process before you find your dream home. Our Verified Approval Plus Pre-Approval program gives you much greater negotiating power because it is the next best thing to a cash offer.

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