ACM Announces Executive Leadership Growth and Transition

Fairfax, VA (February 4, 2022) – Atlantic Coast Mortgage, LLC (“ACM”) announced today that, after four years as Chief Operating Officer, Patrick Collins is taking on a new role as ACM’s Chief Strategy Officer. As CSO, Patrick will focus his full time and attention toward the adoption of innovative tools and solutions that enhance the experience of ACM’s borrowers and further increase loan originations.

As stated by Collins, “This is an exciting time of growth for both myself and ACM. We’ve built an incredible executive team comprised of innovative and growth-focused industry leaders. As a team, we’ve never been afraid of change, and this latest move is just one more step in our evolution to create more opportunities and keep us moving forward as we continue to build one of the premier mortgage companies in the country.”

Patrick will be replaced as Chief Operating Officer by Shane Intihar, who previously served as ACM’s General Counsel. Throughout Shane’s tenure at ACM, he proved to be a highly effective leader, with excellent organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities. Based on his track record, ACM is confident that he will excel as ACM’s COO.

Shane will be replaced as General Counsel by Todd Bergwall. Todd previously served as an executive and general counsel at a large national mortgage lender and has over two decades of experience in private practice and as in-house legal counsel – primarily within the residential mortgage lending industry. Todd brings a wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise to the General Counsel position, and ACM is thrilled to have him join its team.

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