Do’s & Don’ts for Realtors

Realtors and lenders play a crucial role in the homebuying experience. Our mutual objective is to guide clients through shopping, underwriting, and closing with limited hitches so they can live happily ever after in their dream home.

We suggest 6 Do’s and Don’ts for realtors to follow that will help us seamlessly turn eager homebuyers into happy homeowners.

Are you a newly minted realtor? The following tips may be particularly helpful:


Do: Communicate with us to flesh out a processing timetable.

In a perfect world, every loan would process at the speed of light.

But the fact is, some loans take longer to process based on the financial circumstances of our clients and other factors of the home purchase.

Communicate with us so we can give the homebuyer a proper time-frame for how long underwriting will take and when they’ll be able to get the keys.


Don’t: Set unrealistic expectations.

Loan closing is a date that homebuyers mark on their calendar and highly anticipate.

They may buyout of a rental lease, schedule moving trucks, hire moving help, and make other costly plans well in advance to prepare. Being too ambitious with the timeline can cause disappointment and put a wrench in these logistics. We can avoid this by keeping mortgage processing appointment dates and setting realistic expectations from the beginning.


Do: Ask us questions about loan terms.

We are your ally. Just like you, we want to offer the very best service and products available to our clients. If you have any questions about the loan terms, reach out to us promptly. We can review the homebuyer’s assets, credit, debt, and income.


Don’t: Hold back your concerns.

If at first your client gets an interest rate or terms that aren’t what you expected, don’t assume the worst. The best move is to contact us first before discussing concerns with your client so we can talk about their buying power and options.


Do: Have a thorough inspection and address issues right away.

If there’s anything wrong with the home, we need to come up with a resolution promptly so it can be addressed before the closing documents are created.

Choose a quality inspector and possibly a specialist if you identify aspects of the home that require further examination.


Don’t: Turn in requests at the last minute.

Discovering problems late in the game or making delayed requests can extend the closing date or put the transaction at risk entirely.

Cross your t’s and dot your i’s throughout the journey from shopping to mortgage closing so it’s systematic and less stressful for the homebuyer.

Also, before your client makes any major financial decisions such as buying a car or boat, they must contact us first.


Final Word

We value our relationships with realtors. Our referral business from realtors and other partners is a testament to the connection we build with each transaction.

If you’re looking for a customer service focused mortgage lender, we’d love to get in touch. To get started, contact one of our loan officers.