Picking a Brick-and-Mortar Lender Over an Online Mortgage Lender

Online lenders, have gained popularity in the student and personal loan arena because they offer competitive rates and a quick application process that’s handled nearly entirely online. More recently, online lenders are moving into the mortgage lending market as well to give home buyers an alternative to traditional mortgages.

While online lenders are valuable in their own right, there are some reasons you may find it more valuable to stick with a brick-and-mortar lender like Atlantic Coast Mortgage.

Here are four of those reasons:

We Offer One-on-One Support

Navigating the legalese of financing a home can be intimidating. We have an online directory available with the opportunity to prequalify online for a mortgage, but there’s also an opportunity to communicate with a dedicated loan officer and support team in person. In addition, you get access to the team on evenings and weekends.

For a comparison, if you’re already cautious of banking primarily online because you don’t have access to a live teller, choosing a service like ours may be a better fit than handling your mortgage remotely. We have several offices throughout Virginia.

We Have the Experience

Experience and a positive reputation within a local market are two traits we have you may not find online. Where an online lender services states across the country, our focus is the Washington D.C. metro area and it’s one we’ve mastered.

The Atlantic Coast Mortgage team collectively has decades worth of history providing mortgages for home buyers. And we’ve closed on billions of dollars in home loans.

We Have an Expedited Loan Review and Approval Process

The speed of underwriting is one of the top selling points of an online mortgage lender. Our loan process is fine-tuned and efficient as well. In fact, providing you a speedy loan approval and closing is one of our specialties. We understand that speed can improve your chances of getting the home you want.

Our expedited process will get your loan pushed through quickly in comparison to other larger, traditional financial institutions. And because our reputation is well-respected with realtors in the D.C., Virginia and Maryland area, a contract with us can increase your chances of getting an offer accepted.

We Have an Empowered Staff

We take care of every part of the loan process right at home. And all of our team members are empowered to make decisions even outside of business hours. So, if you have a question or need to submit a time sensitive offer, we’re here to help. No need to wait for the standard office hours of an online lender or even a traditional bank when you work with us.

At Atlantic Coast Mortgage, we can offer you competitive rates and a loan process that’ll make your offer stand out among others. We have the power to do that as a brick-and-mortar mortgage company with a high reputation within the area and a proven loan process.


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